BREAKING: Donald Trump Shocks The Nation With Major Announcement

A high level panel, the Nuclear Posture Review, created by President Donald Trump to review the nation’s nuclear arsenal in January is looking at moving to smaller tactical nuclear weapons;

they would create less damage than the large bombs currently in the arsenal but experts fear that could so see them used more often.

The details of the review are classified and a National Security Council spokeswoman said “it is too early to discuss” the panel’s deliberations, which are expected to conclude by the end of the year.


Steven Andreasen, a State Department official in the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and also served as the director of arms control on the National Security Council in the Clinton.

Administration said:

“If the U.S. moves now to develop a new nuclear weapon, it will send exactly the wrong signal at a time when international efforts to discourage the spread of nuclear weapons are under severe challenge.

If the world’s greatest conventional and nuclear military power decides it cannot defend itself without new nuclear weapons, we will undermine our ability to prevent other nations from developing or enhancing their own nuclear capabilities and we will further deepen the divisions between the U.S. and other responsible countries.”

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