Florida AG who killed Trump University investigation gets a job on the Trump admin (Details)

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi will start her job this week with Trump’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.

She was formally appointed in March but this appointment is suspicious and has caused a bit of controversy.

Back in September of 2013, the Florida attorney general office announced that it was going to look into Trump University. This was due to the multitude of complaints from people who felt they were being ripped off.


However, after the check for $25,000 was sent to Bondi’s office from the Trump Foundation, the office announced they will not pursue the case because of ‘insufficient grounds’ for a New York state probe.

Trump has openly talked about the donation he has given to Bondi and said it had nothing to do with the investigation into Trump University.

Regardless of whether this was a quid pro quo deal, the payment that was given to Bondi was illegally written off on Trump’s taxes because it had gone through a charitable foundation.

There were about 7,000 people who were scammed by Trump University. Trump had settled the lawsuits related to the school for $25 million.

Bondi is not the only one who received favors related to Trump University. Former Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, did something similar. Abbot dropped the state investigation and a civil action that could have cost Trump $5.4 million, as long as Trump stopped operating in Texas. This happened shortly after Trump donated $35,000 for Abbott to run for governor.