Joe Biden Reaffirms His Bromance With Obama While Claiming The Duo Still Have Work To Do!

The friendship between former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe has been ingrained into American history. They embraced, they did comedy skits, they even made each other cry from laughter.

Biden claimed during a Tuesday speech at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, that their fruitful partnership wasn’t always so perfect.

“I didn’t want to be vice president, I never aspired to the job.” In fact few have, the very first vice president, John Adams claimed that, “The vice presidency is the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived.” John Nance Gardner, VP for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, once said that the position was “not worth a bucket of warm piss,” stating that signing up for it was “the worst damn fool mistake I ever made.”


Biden stated that when he was first offered the job back in 2008, he told Obama, “I’m flattered Barack, but I don’t want to be vice president,” adding that the future president questioned him, “How much time do you need?” to give a final decision. Biden added that, “I said, ‘I don’t need any time.’”

“There’s no power in the vice presidency,” Biden continued. “You’re stand-by equipment . . . I had a reputation as being a powerful senator, and I thought I could help Barack more by staying in the Senate.” Obama insisted that he think over the decision for a few days.

Biden said that he talked over the offer with his family. It was his late son, Beau Biden, an Iraq vet and former Delaware attorney general, who changed his mind. Biden stated that “Beau said I had an obligation to.” Currently, Biden is promoting a book called “Promise Me, Dad,” an account of the younger Biden’s last year of life as he battled cancer.

“My son Beau was right, to take the job,” Biden said. “It was the greatest honor of my life.” As to their friendship, Biden said, “It became a deep personal friendship,” adding that “Most of those memes are true.”