Melania Trump Shocks Everyone in the Room with Mind-Boggling Move as First Lady, Where Did This Come From? [Photo]

Melania Trump is on pace to become the least productive First Lady in modern U.S. history.  The best moment she gave us as First Lady was when she slapped Trump’s hand away in Europe when he tried to hold hers.  Then days later, she was happy again in Italy after he bought her a new designer jacket.

The First Lady had claimed that she would fight cyber bullying as her mission, but that mission has already been kicked to the wayside.

Donald and Melania are currently at Camp David while Hurricane Irma ravishes Florida.  The Category 5 monster storm brought with it extreme flooding and tornadoes.

Melania posted a tweet with an attached photo of herself next to Donald during a meeting with FEMA at Camp David.  Check out the tweet below:


“Today’s video conference briefing by @Fema at Camp David.
Thank you to 1st responders! Stay safe!”

Her tweet is nearly on par with an Ivanka Trump tweet.

According to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump has been on the horn with Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio making arrangements for disaster relief.

Twitter is confused about Melania’s tweet:

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