Strong iron rust resistant stainless steel cooker craft wok traditional

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Strong Iron Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Cooker Craft Wok Traditional - Buy Craft Wok Traditional,Wok Cooker,Stainless Wok Product | Woks...

Product InformationYour meal will look beautiful in this Japanese frying pan, which is also very simple to use and maintain. Many searches for ideal iron frying pans that need little maintenance have come up empty. This Japanese frying pan is a skillet that is lightweight, convenient to use, and long-lasting.30cm Peking woks; 27cm Peking woks33 cm Peking woks36 cm Peking woksSize27cm30cm33cm36cmColorbrown/yellowbrown/yellowbrown/yellowbrown/yellowMetallization of IronIron NitrideNitrid
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Tokyo, Japan
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